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Arete Solutions Pte Ltd is a management system solution provider based in Singapore but with its foot print extended to Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand and the Middle East. The founder and Managing Director of Arete has over 22 years of professional experience of which 15 years of full time experience has been in management system certification business, training and accreditation activities.

Arete provides a comprehensive suite of solutions related to management systems. Arete blends the key elements of knowledge and experience in its service offerings. Synonymous to its name, at Arete, we aim for excellence in all that we offer.

Our Mission is

  • To provide management system solutions that bring value to organizations.
  • To offer a “one-client-one system” approach with the aim of integrating an organization’s strategy, direction, policies and culture.
  • To design management system solutions with people in mind.
  • To facilitate achieving measureable, tangible results for the organizations through the adoption of management systems.

Our Vision is

  • To be a known as a first choice solution provider with value

Extensive knowledge of management systems, geographies, good practices, robust design of systems, passion to the subject and zeal to serve customers to meet their needs & expectations are the driving forces behind our mission.