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Arete has strong capabilities in offering audit solutions to organisations in the areas of internal audits, supplier audits and gap analysis services. Auditing has been the core expertise of the founder and managing director of Arete. Arete views such audits as a key feedback mechanism to the organisation’s management about the performance of a management system, to identify supplier development needs and to identify gaps against new management systems. The suite of services also includes multisite audits where relevant, assessing consistency of operations among various sites, performance against organisational strategies, direction & policies, supplier training and development etc. Arete models its audits to deliver complete value from those audits.

Arete offers the following audit solutions

Internal Audit Solutions

Includes the complete suite of internal audit solutions from annual planning, delivery of comprehensive process based audits, reporting, executive summary for the top management and support in developing systemic corrective actions. The internal audit solution offered by Arete is focussed on developing a robust management system with the goal of long term sustenance. Where there are multiple sites of an organisation, Arete undertakes the audits with the aim of providing the management with the value of examining the consistency of the management system across the organisation.

Supplier Audit Solutions

Supplier’s performance influences an organisation’s performance. Are you looking to ensure right selection of a supplier or to develop a supplier over time to enhance performance? Arete has its audit solution. Arete would work with the organisation to develop audit protocols those are tailored to organization’s needs, performs the audits with complete independence and reports the outcome with accuracy & integrity. The outcome is quantifiable with opportunity to measure supplier performance. Arete can extend support in supplier training and development process

Gap Analysis Solutions

Gap analysis is performed against any reference criteria (standards, internal documents, contract requirements) to establish the existing gaps against the requirements and to work on them. It gives an answer to an organisation as to “where we stand”? Arete would work with organisations to develop gap analysis protocols, perform gap analysis and report with objective data. Arete model includes quantification of data facilitating time bound improvements.